Ancient route of Via Vandelli

Via Vandelli is an ancient commercial and military road, built in the mid-eighteenth century, as a request of Duke Francesco III d’Este to connect Modena and Massa, due to the marriage of his son Ercole with Maria Teresa Cybo-Malaspina, heir of the Duchy of Massa. The abbot engineer, geographer and court mathematician Domenico Vandelli was then commissioned to conceive and design a new road layout that was at the forefront of the times and to personally direct the work together with the War Magistrate of the Duchy. Via Vandelli was so named in honor of its creator and builder.

    Itinerario Via Vandelli

Sant’Annapelago – Waterfalls Trail

In Sant’Annapelago the Rio Valdarno flows in a small glacial valley, which feeds the Perticara river. This beautiful path develops along this stream, on ancient paths of woodcutters and charcoal burners. It allows you to admire 5 beautiful waterfalls. The best time for this trek is in late spring / early summer, when there is more water.

     Itinerario le cascate del Rio Valdarno

Ancient Via del Frignano from Pievepelago to Roccapelago

From the center of Pievepelago to Roccapelago: hiking itinerary.

    Itinerario Pievepelago – Roccapelago

Roccapelago – Sasso Tignoso

    Itinerario Roccapelago – Sasso Tignoso

Lago Santo Modenese (Pievepelago)

At the foot of Monte Giovo, il Lago Santo, with a perimeter of 1.5 kilometers and a depth of about 20 meters, is the largest in the Frignano Park and has glacial origins, like many others in the area. Fed by very cold underground springs, it is surrounded on the eastern shore by a beech forest undergoing conversion to a tall trunk, while on the other side there are a series of mountain lodges where it is possible to taste excellent local products.

   Lago Santo Modenese

Ancient Via Ducale

The road is known as the “Strada dei Duchi” or “Via Ducale” culminates with the Foce al Giovo, which marks the border between the Emilia Romagna region and the Tuscany region. In 1818 Maria Luisa di Borbone, Duchess of Lucca and Francesco IV, Duke of Modena wanted to build a great road to cross the Apennines, in order to obtain a direct connection between Modena and Lucca. Everything was born from the visionary idea of the Duchess of Lucca who wanted a way of communication with northern Italy without having to cross the territories of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany with which she did not have good relations.

    Foce a Giovo

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