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Roccapelago – Museum of the Mummies

Roccapelago is one of the smallest inhabited centers in the nearby of Pievepelago. Surrounded by mountains,  it is located near Sasso Tignoso’s peak, a unique rock in the whole Modenese Apennines. According to a local legend it is the ancient home of a witch. The fortress and the Museum of Mummies located in it are the heart of the town. In the crypt an ancient burial place was found with mummified bodies inside, some of which are still in a fairly good state of conservation. Twelve natural mummies can now be observed, dating back to between the 16th and 18th centuries.

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The town, which boasts the title of “Città dell’Infiorata” due to the traditional procession on suggestive floral carpets on Corpus Domini Sunday, offers the visitor numerous sports facilities, hiking and biking trails, and equipped centers for summer and winter tourism. The most important attractions of artistic and historical interest are the massive but elegant Ponte della Fola, a “humpback” bridge dating back to the early Middle Ages, and the nearby fortress of Pelago. In the locality of Casoni di S. Andrea, the “Celtic huts” are a valuable example of the use of ancient Celtic techniques.


Fiumalbo city of art

Fiumalbo is an ancient village located in the upper Modenese Apennines, 5 km from Pievepelago. It is included among the most beautiful villages in Italy and has been awarded the “Orange Flag”, a quality mark created by the Italian Touring Club for the tourist enhancement of the hinterland. Fiumalbo is a very old mountain town with almost 1 000 years of written history, but its origins are much older and are lost back in the centuries.

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Riolunato rises in the heart of the Modenese Apennines along the right bank of the Scoltenna river, on the north-western slopes of Mount Cimone. It is a small village, often little considered, but rich in history and culture. One of the most important events is the “Maggio delle Ragazze” (May of the girls), an event that takes place every three years. It is part of the tradition of propitiatory songs for the good season present throughout Europe and particularly in vogue in the Florence of the Medici (Calends of May). Throughout the night the town resounds with the songs of the “Maggiolanti” who from house to house sing a song called “respect” containing the characteristics of the family to which the song is dedicated and wishes of prosperity for it.

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San Pellegrino in Alpe

The Apennine pass “Passo delle Radici”, between the Serchio and Secchia valleys was certainly important and frequented in ancient times and became, during the Middle Ages, a place of transit for merchants, pilgrims and armies. A short distance from the pass was built a hospice for pilgrims and a church linked to the cult of the hermits Pellegrino and Bianco. Pellegrino, traditionally believed to be the son of a Scottish king, would have lived for years in prayer on the surrounding wild mountains and his presence is linked, in addition to popular devotion, to various stories and legends.

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Montecreto – Museo “La casa dei leoni di pietra”

Montecreto rises 900 meters on a hill, perched around the church of San Giovanni, which dominates the valley of the Scoltenna river. The town is immersed in chestnut, beech and fir woods which in the higher areas give way to blueberry and raspberry plants. Montecreto has various parks such as the Chestnut Park, the Borella and the Station Park. There are numerous village festivals: one of the most important is the Chestnut Festival.

Opened in 2012, but officially inaugurated in 2014, the community museum “the house of the stone lions” houses the exhibition “Frignano in guerra 1943-45”, a rich collection of objects relating to the Second World War donated by local people . In the museum you can also admire the original lions that were on the bridge of Strettara, and there are also two other permanent exhibitions: “The inscribed stones of Rovinamala” and the one on the “Leonardo da Vinci” professional institute.

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Pievepelago dairy


Campo delle Sore farm


Capanna di Biagio farm


“Croccante Intrigante” from Fiumalbo


Jams and other local products

Il Baggiolo

Capricci del Bosco

La Sorgente

Casa Gigli craft brewery


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